Thursday, April 26, 2012

KIRANA UTILITY ARMS (by Alex Chen, Robert Simons, Jonathan Chung-Young 10/2011, 2/2012)

The arms are a "standard" for many of the systems aboard the ship and can act as anything from modular computer consoles to equipment movers.  The top image is an early rendition in context of the room.  Subsequent images are updated designs.

WRIST DEVICE/PROP (by Jonathan Chung-Young, Robert Simons, Alex Chen 2/2012)

This wrist device serves as a "standard" piece of equipment through which the character interact with their environments aboard the ship.  These props would need to be practically built, the designs could change in accordance to building materials and process.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

RECOVERY ROOM - FINAL DESIGNS (by Jonathan Chung-Young, Robert Simons 2/2012-3/2012)

Pretty much the final rendition for this space with the POD and the BENCH integrated.  Great job to Alex, Jon, and Robert!
RECOVERY ROOM - Furniture Elements (by Jonathan Chung-Young, Alex Chen, Robert Simons 2/2012-3/2012)

BENCH Design 1


We were originally going to design a CHAIR separately but then realized it made more sense to have the POD become the chair in this room.  We kept the bench.
RECOVERY ROOM - Initial Designs (Robert Simons, Alex Chen, Jonathan Chung-Young  10/2011-12/2011)

These are the first set of the designs for the space that will take up the majority of screen time.  This room will need to be simulated using a constructed live-action set on a green stage.  For this reason we had to think quite carefully on the layout/design of the space.

AWAKENING ROOM (by Robert Simons 9/2011-10/2011)

This space is where the POD would be initially processed after leaving the FRIDGE.  The design of this room help us translate all the visual DNA developed for the POD to an actual space.
THE FRIDGE (by Alex Chen, Jonathan Chung- Young 2/2012-3/2012)

The FRIDGE is one of spaces to be depicted in the film.  It is where the POD will be taken out of and will be completely CG.

POD DESIGN AND PROCESS (by Robert Simons 9/2011-10/2011)

1st sketches:  we chose #3

This pod is one of the first things we developed for Aayatana.  The reason for the many iterations and reworks is its role in determining the visual vocabulary and design logic of the entire project.

The idea is to have a design that looks advanced to the point being almost biological in nature and yet be perfectly suited for human use...  This theme is repeated throughout all other visual assets.